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how to choose your scent

Your perfume is your statement piece. It’s the one thing that can leave a lasting impression that can be both alluring and intriguing. So how do we choose one scent from the hundreds of bottles we see lining the shelf? Do we just go with a bottle that looks good on the bathroom shelf or the brand that Sigourney Cantleo wears?
Not quite. It’s time to carefully select a scent that emulates from the warmth of your skin and reflects your personality.


Picking the perfect scent for YOU, doesn’t have to be such an agonizing process. On a trip to Paris I came across this amazing perfume store called Nośe where I was taken on the ultimate 2 hour diagnosis and consultation to find my very own scent. This formula is so simple that I am going to share it with you to try for yourself.

1. Create a list of the last 2 or 3 perfumes you have had over the past few years. Google each of them to find out the key notes for each and write them down.

2. Are there any notes that are in all three scents you have liked in the past? These are the notes you need to look out for when choosing your next scent.

3. Take a list of the key notes you are looking for to your local department store or boutique perfrumerie and ask them to suggest some options based on those particular notes.

4. When they present you with their recommendations, please block out any marketing or branding of the product. This is the key to selecting the right scent for you. It’s not about the bottle or the brand name, it’s about the smell and how is makes you feel.

5. Spray four different scents on different areas of your arms and go for a walk for 15 minutes. Continue smelling the spots and slowly start to make a decision on which you like and which you don’t like.

6. Now is the best part,  narrow it down to one scent all based on which scent you prefer on your skin.

For a selection of some of the finest fragrances check out the Nose boutique.

Hint! There are several categories your favourite perfume will posses but I think it takes a professional nose to pick these up.

Family i.e.: citrus, floral

Head Notes i.e: Lemon, Bergamont, Pepper

Heart Notes i.e: Freesia, Orris,

Base Notes: Cedar, Musk


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