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How to create the Ultimate Working Wardrobe Part 1

I’m starting a new job – cue the champagne pop – and while working through my 4 weeks’ notice, I have been thinking about my new work wear wardrobe and the items I absolutely NEED (need not want, huge difference here). Then began the online browsing, wardrobe lists and a day dedicated to cleaning out my wardrobe.

If you’re like me and you have trouble throwing clothes away, you may need to take a deep breath and mentally prepare yourself. Let me tell you now, you will feel better with every rubbish bag and by the end of it you will feel fresh and revived in the clothing department. The best part? Once you have removed all of the dead weight, you will have room to invest in some key basics. I will be sharing these with you this week in my 6 part wardrobe series.

This whole process is about getting back to basics and stopping yourself from being a slave to trends. It’s so easy to but new pieces every season, every year and let’s be honest at least 40% of it you won’t ever wear. In the words of our favourite #GIRLBOSS,

“Money looks better in your bank account than on your feet”

So from this point you need to start shopping smart not hard and I am going to show you how! But first, we need to clean it all out!

1. Create three piles before you begin sorting through everything. Sell, throw out, keep. Selling your unused or hardly worn clothes is a great way to get a little cash (this will of course go towards any basics you may need). eBay is the obvious one, but gumtree is also good for any vintage items. Be realistic about what goes into your sell pile, you can’t sell anything without a brand name or with stains or marks on it. Think to yourself – will anyone actually pay money for this? If the answer is no then it goes into the rubbish pile.

2. Any items for the keep pile, need to be assessed. Think back to when you last wore it, how long ago was that? Try it on again and figure out what goes well with that item, if the answer is nothing then put it in the sell pile. Only keep pieces that fit you, have no marks or stains and are something you would wear next week.

3. Now that you have taken everything out of your wardrobe and put it into the three piles (your room will be looking like a shit heap but that’s OK), now you can start putting your keep pile back into your closet. I like to organise everything by style and colour. I start with skirts and pants, then move into short sleeve, long sleeve tops, then move into work dresses, then move into evening dresses, then blazers and coats. I find this order works for me, but you may like to mix it up and have your tops first, just go with whatever feels natural. Within these sections I then organise from light to dark. Once you have done this you will feel so amazingly good every time you look at your wardrobe.

From here we can now start to fill the gaps in your wardrobe with some key basics that I will be sharing with you next week!


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