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The photo apps you need in your life!

Ever wonder how to capture that perfect shot? You no longer need a DSLR camera to capture a cool image, all you need is your iphone and a few handy apps! These are my favourite apps for creating brag worthy images and videos.


This is my all-time favourite app and I use it a lot! The filters are so much better than Instagram and make photos that look a little dull, instantly edgier. It’s free and so easy to use. Tip: Try the F2 filter – it’s my go-to!

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I have been playing around with this app lately and discovered once you pay a few $$ you get so many more frames to choose from and depending on what images you use, you can create some really cool editorial style images. Tip: Try using some of the simple style with one or two larger frames as they can have a great effect.

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This is a good one for anyone wanting to create their own typography images or simply wanting to put text over images. It’s a great way to create quick and easy quotes by just screen shoting a colour you like and adding the text. Tip: Pay to unlock the fonts as there are hundreds to choose from.

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I love using this app to showcase a lot of images from a trip or an event in a quick, sharp way. I like putting the images at a fast pace so you create a stop start effect. Tip: Pay for the upgrade to remove the watermark.

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I love this app for quick sneaky ‘photoshop’ style images. You do have to buy this app, but it allows you to add text and layer illustrations or design elements, so it’s worth it. Tip: Play around and use different fonts for different layers of text like this.

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Am I missing any of your favourite apps? I would love to hear what they are!


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