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4 ways to improve your life instantly

I started this blog after spending two weeks in Europe, my first overseas holiday since I started working full-time about 3 years ago. When I came back the 8-6pm, Monday to Friday, daily grind was all consuming and left me exhausted and uninspired each weekend. So my thought was, to bring a little bit of the European vibe back with me and to share it with you all. I feel like we all need to have a bit more fun with life and not let the little things get us down.

Just in case anyone else is feeling similar creative blockages, I thought I would share a few things I learnt along the way:

– That feeling of discovery!

That feeling of coming across a great cafe or figuring out you love to bike ride down to your local coffee shop is priceless. Post holiday I made the decision to consciously do something new and exciting  every chance I get.

– Get creative!

I need to unleash my creativity. To do this I am going to set times each weekend or evening to allow myself to get messy and creative. From DIYs to cooking experiments I will share it all with you.

– No more routine!

One thing I learnt from a friend I caught up with overseas, is to stop doing things you expect yourself to do. And by this I mean, instead of going to bed at 10pm like you think you should, why not stay up late making your own gourmet chocolates or reading a book you picked up from a $1 bin. It’s not the norm but it’s different and it is what keeps life exciting.

– Push yourself!

It’s easy to get comfortable, but that wont get you very far. Whether its running or learning a new language, I am vowing to continually push myself to the limits and I think you should do the same.

Life is about having fun and enjoying every minute! I am already planning my next holiday so I can feed my inner jet-setter!


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