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10 ways to add instant style to your bedroom

The bedroom is the one room we spend the most time in and for me it is the room I seem to neglect when it comes to interiors and styling. I end up spending money on the lounge room, kitchen, bathroom and garden, yet my bed frame is 8 years old. So in case anyone else is in the same boat, I have found 10 easy and inexpensive ways to style and update your bedroom.

1. Add a pop of colour to a neutral room with a piece of art or furniture. A vibrant block colour like this adds a striking element to your bedroom.



2. A hanging light will give your room an industrial feel, which we all know is very in at the moment. Choose a pendant light with gold features to add a touch of luxury.



3. A long low to the ground table is a great place to place your indoor plants, books or shoes. This is the perfect addition for anyone with a spacious bedroom with room to fill.

4. Every room needs a plant or two (I shared my fave plants a few weeks back). A small cactus or succulent will give your bedroom spunk and is an easy and affordable addition to your current styling. 

5.  I am obsessed with anything that floats! A floating shelf or box as a bedside table will instantly update your bedroom and wow your guests.


6. A vintage crate can make for a cool bedside table. These are very on trend and often over priced in antique stores so try searching you local tip shop or gumtree for a bargain.




7. Woven or paper baskets add softness to your room and are a quick and easy addition, perfect for cushions or throws. 619fb0054eb0a0ed47e39f7d0be21eb8

8. Paint wooden stumps for an earthy DIY bedside table. I love the use of two to one side as it gives the room depth and texture.


9. Mix things up with your quilt cover and cushions. Clash colours and prints for an eye catching draw card. 85340ba70bc6dd386717441f4172403f10. This is for the more adventurous DIYers. A hanging bedside table is innovative and very cool. If anyone tries this you must let me know below!5565be8d5d3e0a6a69d11d9481b2b2aa


2 responses to 10 ways to add instant style to your bedroom

    • minimaltherapy – Author

      Thanks Adz 🙂
      I love those floating shelves. Have been wanting to get some for our bathroom, but as we are renting we are a bit restricted. Would love to see the finished product!!


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