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What to do in Amsterdam – tips from a local

It’s not often you leave a city and are still dreaming of living there months later. BUT, somehow Amsterdam has me crushin’ bad.

It could be the romance of riding a cute bicycle to work, to a restaurant and the shops or it could be beautiful canals that line the streets. Either way, I could not get enough of this beautiful city and its friendly and witty people. It helped that we had the ultimate tour guide, a close friend who has recently relocated from Australia to Amsterdam, so it meant we escaped the tourist traps and were able to truly explore what the city had to offer.

Cue,  my 5 must-do’s in Amsterdam (and no they don’t include visiting the cliche “koffee shop”).

1. Hire a bike and ride everywhere. It may seem hectic at first, bikes have right of way and are the king of the roads. It takes a little bit of time to get use to the system, but once you have it figured out, it is so much fun! Imagine riding a bike (with no helmet) and being able to ring your bell to get pedestrians and cars to move out of your way. Tip: steer clear of hiring the bright red bikes as they are the “hi, I’m a tourist bikes”, instead try and find a place with an assortment of non-descript bikes.


2. Stroll through The Nine Streets. Separated by the beautiful canals, these streets are filled with amazing boutiques with everything from cheese and handmade chocolates to shoes and interiors. It takes a good couple of hours to explore all these streets have to offer.

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3. Enjoy a few cocktails along the way. There are lots of hidden gems in Amsterdam, so if you walk past a cool bar, stop and have a drink. For amazing cocktails and great service try Vesper.



4. BYO picnic to Vondelpark. In the Summer, Vondelpark is filled with people having BBQ’s and picnics at 10pm. It’s a hive of activity and a must visit with a bottle of rose´and some food.

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5. Try the best fries of your life! This hole in the wall homemade fries stall will have you speechless. It’s called Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx and it will leave you standing in the middle of the street eating sauce covered fries, it’s not glamorous but it is delicious.



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