Accessories Wardrobe Edit

I’m bringing pretty back.

My accessories are a cluttered mess and most of my clutches, sunglasses and jewellery are scattered throughout the house, which may be the reason I misplace them so often. A weekend alone in the house with no priorities or commitments left me sitting in my bedroom planning my accessories edit: creating a space where I can store it all in a Carrie Bradshaw kind of way. I already had a build in drawer set that was being used for nothing but junky trinkets, but it’s as easy as buying a drawer set from Ikea and putting it in your bedroom as a feature piece.

So this is how it went down. I grabbed a garbage bag to throw away anything and everything that I no longer needed (I’m talking handbags I bought 7 years ago from General Pants) and planned each drawer to suit what I had left. I went with clutches, jewellery and scarves. It’s a simple concept, but sometimes you need to see an idea to really imagine it in your own bedroom. Let’s be honest, every girl needs an accessories wardrobe.

Show me yours using #minimaltherapy on Instagram!




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